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Sunmight Film Disc 150mm 15h (50 pack)

Sunmight Film Disc 150mm 15h (50 pack)

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Sunmight Film Disc is a premium product with strong and even surface film backing that allows better surface finish and longer life. It is also great for corner and edge sanding without problems with tearing.

Eliminate the need for other abrasive products, such as wet or dry, free cut paper, production paper, and micro fine discs. The Sunmight Plastic Film Disc will completely replace them.

It can be used wet or dry. It can be used dry, on a machine dry, on a machine wet, by hand sanding wet or dry with a backing pad, and on a sanding block.

Outstanding Cutting Performance
Mineral shelling is prevented by a special mineral with improved bonding power, which also provides fast cutting power and long life for a shorter work time.

Outstanding Durability
The film disc backing material and its special coating treatment on the paper were developed to solve the problem of breakage and folding of paper products.


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