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Sealey 1600W Hot Air Gun 375°C/500°C

Sealey 1600W Hot Air Gun 375°C/500°C

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This powerful 1600W hot air gun from Sealey features two temperature settings; 375°C and 500°C, allowing you to tackle a range of applications. Perfect for stripping paint and varnish, shrinking heat shrink tubing and plastics, and activating adhesives. The gun has a slim design, allowing for precision assistance when working on intricate projects, and includes four nozzles for varying airflow. A lightweight and versatile tool for the workshop.

  • 2-Step switch for temperature and airflow control.
  • Gun can also stand vertically.
  • Suitable for paint stripping, soft soldering, removing sticky labels and defrosting frozen pipes.
  • Fitted with 3-pin plug.
  • Nozzles available separately. (As for HS107K).
  • Temperature Range: 375°C/500°C.
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