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Novol Ultra Line Multifunctional Body Filler Putty 1.75kg

Novol Ultra Line Multifunctional Body Filler Putty 1.75kg

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Novol Ultra Multifunctional Body Filler Putty 1750g
Car Body Filler/Hard Putty Dent Repair

A characteristic feature of this putty is its versatility, i.e. the capacity of application on virtually all substrates encountered in body coating; good performance in filling small and large cavities, easy application at elevated temperature and high surface smoothness, good sandability with fine and coarse sand papers, and the hardness selected to retain the desired profile during sanding. The high reactivity of the putty ensures a short time needed to obtain proper hardness for sanding at low temperatures and reduces the time of work.


Applied to substrates such as

  • Polyester

  • Laminate Steel 

  • Aluminium

  • Two Component acrylic primers 

  • Old paint Colour: Beige   


Mixing ratio:    UNI putty – 100 parts by weight   

Hardener – 2 to 3 parts by weight 

Drying time: From 20 to 30 min. At 20 C.    

Do not apply directly on the ground reactive (wash primers). one-component acrylic and nitrocellulose.       

How to use

Mix very well until even in colour Follow the recommended amount of hardener 2-3 : 100 Apply a layer of no more than 3mm thickness    

The minimum temperature required for application is +10 C. 

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