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Cartec Diamond Cut 3000 Compound & Compounding Head Green - Car Paint Polish

Cartec Diamond Cut 3000 Compound & Compounding Head Green - Car Paint Polish

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Diamond Cut 3000 is the latest in compounding and polishing technology, with Extreme Cutting Power without the mess, risks or headaches you get from old school compounds.

It has a huge amount of cut, without making the mess that other compounds are known for. Also, no water is needed to use the Diamond Cut 3000 due to its self-lubricating formula.

Diamond Cut 3000 does not contain any fillers, meaning flatting and sanding marks will not drop back after the vehicle has been washed, a major complaint of other compounds.

Silicone and ammonia free, it also will not leave white marks or blemishes on plastic and rubber parts. 

This product is 100% bodyshop safe

The Cartec Diamond Cut 3000 Compound is the ideal tool for restoring, polishing and waxing your paint surface. Its ultra fine diamond particles allow it to cut through defects and imperfections in the paint and restore it to its original glossy, smooth finish. Its long lasting wax coat provides a protective barrier against further damage, making it perfect for long-term maintenance of your car's paint. Its easy-to-use, stain-free formula is perfect for even the toughest paint and makes for a great addition to any car paint care routine.

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